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Movie Tics!!

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Hahaha just randomly posting like what drea did and to show the amount of ppl that watched and how much gsc earn! OMG. hahaha

The amount that gsc earns.

The amount that gsc earns 2.

My niece. Going to be 10months old =) uncle sem! hahah

Kenneth's, Cher Kuan's and Yu Han's Cher Kuan missing in the pic. hahaha he is d.... lol!

The gang at Kenneth's farewell. In Malacca.

Malaysian International Food And Beverages Fair ( me and chia yi ) the button girl =P

Happy Birthday Sara Kok =) and Goodbye to Noelle =( (Left Noelle Right Sara) 28th July 2008

The gang drinking for Sara! =D

puuwit, mummy, pp and me =) at choy kei!!!muahahaha

Alright thats the end of my super random post =) please wait another 10 years for my next post! muahahaha.

Gays Nite Out??

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21st July 2008
As you all can see from the title, its a gays nite out! hahaha. all girlfriends are not allowed. Gays that attended the nite out was Me, Joe, Ivan, Bing, KK, Yu Yong, Yu Sing.

So so, firstly we met up at blitzone. then we went to bing's house and turn round and round and round around to go to yuen's buffet. thanks to joe! hahaha.
Once we reached there we quickly grab food and steam the boat..hahaha. all of us were too hungry cuz of the turning for about 1hour =P

After eating for like 40 minutes, Yu Sing arrived from work. We ate for about like 1hour till 2 hours I guess. After paying, we stood outside to plan about our next destination..hahaha. all talk cock sing song play mah jong there.. =P
And so, our plan was late nite movie at sunway pyramid! THe Dark Knight! Why So Serious? woot it was great. Watch till 2am then we all balik rumah lo.

This was taken at pyramid lift. the gays!
From left Me, Bing, Joe, KK, Ivan in between Yu Yong and Yu Sing
look at the twins. dam poser especially yu sing! hahaha

May 31st

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It was Wong Pin Qi's birthday. We(Andrea, Li Weng, and me) organized a surprise birthday party that turned out to be not so suprising party. After days of going out and plannings, finally we decided to go to "Seven Ate Nine" at KL. If you are interested to go there, i would advice you to call this number and make reservation 1st. (017-3317920) =)
Alright, while waiting for Pin Qi and friends to arrive, me, Andrea and Li Weng took some pictures together.

me, li weng and drea part 1

me and li weng

me with my mosquito. oops mojito =)

giraffe semmmmmm.

foood. smokey salmon pizza that me and li weng ordered. 1word (REGRET) lol.

pepperoni pizza sexily nice. should have ordered two.grrr.

my second drink. forgot wat name. nicey.

Lastly, birthday girl and me. =)

To end my post I would like to say Happy Birthday to you again. Hope you enjoyed that nite. And special thanks to drea for all the hard work you've done =) will miss you guys. <3

Cameron Highland Trip

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February 11-12th, I went to Cameron Highland with my sisters (Eldest and Second sis) and their friends. Ngek ngek ngek. =)

Alright brothers and sisters its time for some warm up. Its Sem's photography session. (ugly pictures that I took.. hahaha)




Cactus UpClose

Mini fountain

Scenery 1

Scenery 2 (How I wish I live there)

Ok la time for some human to appear in pictures! HAHAHA

Taken a pig picture of my eldest sis =D (outside the car)

A solo pic of ugly Sem.

The half group pic.

The full group pic with blur effect (Thanks to the auntie who took it. Haha)

Solo pic. Dun look at me. Look at the background..haha

Solo pic no2. Background please.

Me and my second sis.

Sem the strawberry man.....

My sisters wanna join too????Come la come la. hahaha

A pic of us. The siao ones.

We are still young inside us. =D


Poser no1 =)

Full group pic again. (Spoiler Sem)

Full group pic take 2.

Boh Tea Farm.

Drink "Yit Cha" need so big anot oh??(Second sis)

Drink "Yit Cha" need so big anot oh??post 2 (Eldest sis)

Wonderful scenery...

Last day, went and rendam ourselves at Sungai Klah(Sungai Ok Lah) =D

My face a bit pei edi. The water too nice... Ahhhhhhh~~~

Oh no... My body exposed!!!hahaha.

Alright ppl. Thats all for now. First of all I would say that I enjoyed the trip eventhough Im the youngest in the group =D Still remember the night where we played mahjong, chor di, blackjack and drinking red wine all night long. ;D Its was fun =D
Stay Tune for more this coming 10years? =)

Billion years one update =)

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Sry guys for the slow slow slow update. Was busy + lazy. Hehe. Well, I guess this post is gonna be about what had happened during my December holidays till today =D As usual, I will post pictures to describe everything!haha. There is one part which is on the Star Education Fair on 12th and 13th January in KLCC Convention Hall. Other than that, those pictures are pictures of us heng daiz meet up after a long holiday and went to watch movie =D Here comes.

Miss Yen Nee, Novianto and Me at Star Education Fair!12th and 13th January =)

Take 2!

Spoiler No1!!

Solo Pic wif Miss Yen Nee

The dark pic.

The bright pic.

Oh no I'm ugly =.="!!! Super not ready! Thanks to someone......


Enjoy peoplez. After this post I will need another 10 years to udpate =P